Insurance Billing for Breast Pumps

Did you know your insurance may cover your
Breast Pump?


*The Affordable Care Act now allows new or expecting mamas coverage through their insurance company.  Read about Breast Pump Insurance here.

DME Provider

Most insurance companies consider breast pumps, support belts, compression hosiery and carpal tunnel splits as Durable Medical Equipment and require you go through a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider for coverage.  Santé Mama is a  DME provider and specializes in breast pumps, breastfeeding supplies and lactation services. We are conveniently located on the Southeast Corner of 92nd and Mill Plain in Vancouver, WA, just 3 minutes from the I-205 Bridge.


We work with you to determine if products are covered by your insurance and do the billing for you !

Items that may be covered by your insurance.

  • Maternity Support Belts
  • Postpartum Binders
  • Compression Hosiery
  • Splints for Carpal Tunnel 

How Santé Mama Can Help

  • Santé Mama knows the questions to ask when checking for insurance coverage
  • We work with each of our clients individually to determine if products are covered by their insurance plan, and we also handle all of the billing for you.
  • Santé Mama is in network with many insurance companies. This means we offer the full allowable benefits when buying or renting a breast pump.
  • Same day service when available.
  • We accept flex spending credit cards for medical & lactation supplies.
  • Need to upgrade your pump from what insurance will cover?  We help each customer with the selection of which products best fits their needs. Our staff is trained to help answer any questions in regards to breast pumps and other breastfeeding concerns.
  • Our staff is trained on fitting for maternity and postpartum support belts and binders.
  •  Mamas receive a breast pump covered by insurance and the support around it when they purchase it from Santé Mama as we are more than a DME company, we specialize in pregnancy and postpartum.


What is the advantage of purchasing from a DME COMPANY?

  • Some insurance companies require that you go through a DME company for coverage under your preventive care benefits.
  • Because Sante Mama has contracts with the different insurance companies we only charge the allowable amount for products.  Whereas, purchasing a breast pump through a retail store, you will submit the claim yourself paying the full retail price and insurance will only reimburse the allowable amount.
  • If your insurance deductible has not been met, we can apply the purchase to your deducible for you or provide you with all the paper work needed to turn it in yourself.

We understand the vital need to be able to work with families and their insurance providers. It is our long term goal to be able to work with as many Insurance providers as possible throughout the United States. We are continuing to add to our list.

Currently, we have contracts with the following companies:

CUP – Columbia United Providers for Washington Residents
DSHS/ Provider One
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon
Community Health Plan of Washington


Our goal is to serve expecting and new mamas with everything they could need throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. For more information about answering the question, “Is a new breast pump covered by my insurance?” or any other question you may have, you can check out our contact page, call us at (360) 253-BABY (2229), or email us at and we will be happy to help you through the process of getting your breast pump covered by insurance!