Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

My first experience with the Medela Freestyle was with my daughter when she had her twins. She had a Pump In Style from her first baby and it worked great for her.  When she returned to work she found that it was not always convenient to be where she could plug in her pump. Even though the Pump In Style does come with a battery pack, she found that most the time she was needing to use the battery pack and it didn’t have as much power as when it was plugged in.  Since the Freestyle is designed to be used on batteries, she decided to purchase it.   She was able to pump wherever she was and even in the car.  She was not limited to where she pumped and due it small size it was easy to carry with her at work as she moved from place to place. She loved that it attached to her belt and allowed her to be mobile when needed, especially once the twins were on the move.

About the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

It is a revolutionizing breast pump that is easy to carry around, light weight and very simple to use. Thanks to its double electric breast pump, you will be able to pump milk from both breasts at the same time.

It is designed for women who need to pump daily and often throughout the day and with the convenience of small size and battery operated so you can pump anywhere.


In order to optimize the 2 – phase expression technology behind the Freestyle Breast Pump, Medela carefully studied how babies breastfeed and saw that the breastfeeding process can be divided into two main phases. The first one is the stimulation phase, during which the baby alternates the intensity of the feeding by sucking fast and slow in order to stimulate milk flow. Once the milk has been “let down”, the baby starts sucking deeper and slower which in turn makes the milk come out faster. The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump perfectly simulates these two different phases so that your body can easily adjust to the pumping, and you will be able to immediately see excellent results.

It has program technology to allow you to record your pattern of use.

The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is the top of the line in Medela breast pumps.

The breast pump comes in a stylish black bag, and is different from the Pump In Style in that the pump itself is about the size of a grapefruit and is not attached to the bag, totally removable and portable.

The pump runs on a battery like your cell phone, you just plug it in to charge.

It comes with two sizes of Personal Fit Connectors size 24 and 27


The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump comes with everything you need to pump

  • Removable pump
  • Black bag
  • Lithium ion battery for recharging
  • AC adaptor/charger
  • Removable cooler bag and contoured ice pack
  • 4 -5 oz bottles and lids
  • 24 and 27 Personal fit breast shields
  • Breastshield connectors and membranes- which are different from the PIS (Pump In Style)
  • Tubing – which I different from the PIS
  • Hand -free accessory kit, which I recommend a Hands Free Pumping Bra see our on line store for details

 Medela freestyle Breast Pump Solution

Why choose the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump?

When creating the Freestyle Breast Pump, Medela made sure to keep in mind that women nowadays are very busy and often on the go. This breast pump is perfect for women who go back to work after their maternity leave and wish to continue to breast feed their child. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump comes with rechargeable batteries so you can take it with you every where you go. This breast pump is perfect for any woman and you will be sure to find it convenient and extremely efficient. Medela knows how important breast milk is for the health and proper growth of your baby and thanks to their Freestyle Breast Pump, pumping and storing breast milk has never been easier!

If you need the flexibility of pumping anywhere and not have to worry about being plugged in, I highly recommend the Freestyle. Usually I go for the budget option, but if you are looking for a breast pump, I recommend splurging on the best breast pump you can reasonably afford and with the tools you will need to be successful with your pumping needs. You will be more likely to use an efficient and comfortable breast pump and therefore more likely to continue breastfeeding (and also have the opportunity to enjoy more date nights).

If you have not read my  Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Review,  I suggest reading it as the Freestyle is a step up and most of what is said about the Pump In Style applies to the Freestyle as well, plus there are a lot of tips and suggestions that you can take advantage of.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps you find the pump that best fits your needs. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail.  We would be happy to help in any way we can.

Happy Pumping,

Rhonda Davis

Doula and Owner of Santé Mama

We know Mamas & Babies and genuinely care about the lives of new parents. Offering a nurturing place is the “Heartbeat” of our business.


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