Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Review

As doulas and owners of Santé Mama, we have been working with families for over 15 years. We know Mamas & Babies and genuinely care about the lives of new parents. Offering a nurturing place is the “Heartbeat” of our business. That is why it is our pleasure to help families explore new baby products in our Baby Boutique and online store. Over the years, we have been asked:

“What breast pump do I buy?”
“What breast pump will best fit my needs?”
“What breast pump works best if I’m going back to work?”

To answer these questions and more, we will feature a review for each breast pump we carry in our Baby Boutique in Vancouver Washington over the next few months.


Medela, I have to say, is the leading manufacturer of breast pumps, and the “Pump in Style” has been around in one form or another for over 15 years. Medela is known for its “Natural Expression Technology” and the research around the 2 phase system which means it mimics your baby’s natural sucking pattern.  Medela is also known for their Hospital Grade Pumps, the Lactina and Symphony. These pumps are used in all the hospitals in our area and across the world. For your convenience, breast pump rentals of these two pumps are available at Santé Mama.


Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Review


• Double Electric Breast Pump
• 2-Phase Expression Technology with one touch let-down button
• Designed for moms who pump several times a day
• Adjustable speed for comfortable pump settings
• Portable and discrete
• All parts that touch breast milk are BPA free

Pump kit includes:

• Instruction for English/Spanish/French
• Breastfeeding information guide
• 9 volt AC adaptor
• Double pumping kit
• Removable cooler bag and ice pack
• Four breast milk collection bottles with lids
• Battery pack that takes 8 AA batteries, (batteries not included)


This pump comes in 3 different bags
• On the go Tote
• Back Pack
• Metro Bag (various features and prices)

For those of you who want more information, let’s break down the above facts, parts, and selections. We will also give you some helpful tips along the way…..
First off, if you are a mom who is returning to work or school, a breast pump allows you to continue to enjoy your breastfeeding relationship along with providing your baby with the benefits of breast milk. You want a breast pump you can depend on, works effectively, and be efficient. You want it to be portable, durable and, of course, look nice.

Returning to work or school:

hands Free Breast Pump BraThe “Pump in Style Advance” is perfect for those returning to work or school. It is designed to be used several times a day and as a double pump, you pump both breasts at the same time, which is essential for time management when pumping at work on your break or lunch. A big tip here is any mom that is pumping needs a Hands Free Pumping Bra! This will allow you to take advantage of the time while you are pumping, especially on your lunch break. If you can just get in a bit to eat, you are doing great when you are pumping, but with a Hands Free Pumping Bra you can eat without rushing, let alone make some phone calls or get caught up with the world; hands free is not just for your cell phone in your car! It makes a world of difference while you are pumping.

If you are returning to work, you want a pump you can depend on. Medela has been in the pump business the longest, and from my experience has great customer service. I had a client that called with a question and request and Medela had answers and parts shipped the very same day.

How the pump works and the parts and pieces:

The 2 phase system with let-down button. What does that mean? When a baby nurses they have a natural pattern which starts out faster and slows down as your milk begins to release. I describe this as when they first come to the breast, it’s like they are saying, “I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I’m hungry” with a faster sucking pattern. Then, once the milk begins to flow, they slow down that pattern to a longer draw and more of a suck-swallow pattern. The 2 phase system is designed to mimic that natural nursing pattern. The first 2 minutes is a faster suction pattern and then it automatically changes to a longer suction pattern. You can adjust that pattern with the let-down button as well as the speed of the pump.

The “Pump in Style Advanced” is designed to be plugged in using the 9 volt AC adapter. It comes with a battery pack that uses 8 AA batteries so you can pump on the go. If you plan to use the battery pack for more than an occasional use, I would look at the “Medela FreeStyle” as it is made to be used as a battery pump. I feel you lose some of the power when going to the 8 AA batteries with the “Pump in Style Advanced”. A vehicle adapter to use in your car can be purchased separately as well.

PersonalFitThe “Pump in Style Advanced” comes with all the parts you need to pump. To break this down, there are the pieces you use at the breast called the PersonalFit Breastshields, or sometimes called flanges. The kit includes the medium size 24 mm. These do come in different sizes and can be purchased separately – small 21mm, medium 24mm, Large 27mm. X Large 30 mm and XX Large 36mm. To determine whether you may need a different size you want to make sure the nipple moves freely and easily while pumping, and should not rub against the sides of the tunnel.


Breastshield1pc-02The piece that fits onto the breastshield is called the connector and the valves attach to that piece. The valves have a white circle membrane that fits onto it. This membrane can be removed for cleaning but can also get lost easily and the pump will not work without it. I advise my clients to always put the membrane back on the valve after cleaning and let it dry with the membrane attached so it doesn’t get lost. The last piece to the kit is the tubing. This is what goes from the above pieces to the pump. Milk does not travel through the tubing it goes from the breastshield through the valve and membrane into the bottle.

Pumping should always be comfortable and effective just like nursing. A Lactation specialist can help with pumps as well as breastfeeding. At Santé mama, we offer flange fittings by a trained specialist or our lactation consultant, as well as a verity of flanges.

Cleaning tips:

For cleaning the kit pieces we suggest using the Medela “QuickClean” Micro-Steam Bags or the “QuickClean Breast Pump Wipes”. The “Micro-Steam bags are great for all your pump pieces except the membranes and tubing. It will melt in the microwave bags so hand wash for sure! The bags are great for bottles, bottle parts, nipples, and pacifiers too, as steam is the one of the most efficient way to clean – 3 min in the microwave and your done. The “QuickClean Breast Pump Wipes” are great for those who are not around water to rinse off the parts and piece after pumping.

Storage tips:

When you are at work and pumping, you may not have access to a refrigerator or even want to put your breast milk in it …. I have seen work refrigerators… need I say more?!? The “Pump in Style” comes with an insulated bag and a contoured reusable ice pack that fits around 4 breast milk collection bottles. This is a really nice feature as it keeps the bottles upright and keeps your milk cold during your work day so you don’t have to worry about where to store it. This fits inside your pump bag along with all your parts and pieces. This little bag and ice pack also comes in handy for later use with a sippy cup as well.


When it comes to selection….. Which bag fits your lifestyle? All three options come in a black microfiber style bag.

PiS backpack Solution Small1. The Back-Pack, for those who have other things to carry this is a convent option. Thinking about going back to school or work and everything you will be taking with you when you travel? This back-pack holds all your parts and pieces along with the cooler bag. The strap on the back-pack is comfortable to use by hand or as a designed, a back-pack.


Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump2. The On the go Tote, is a discreet tote and looks like a stylish black bag, not a breast pump. It has pockets and room for all your parts and pieces along with the cooler bag. The strap is thick and the right length making it easy to carry. Plus, the tote has a little more room than the back-pack for extra storage.



3. I like to mention first off that the “Metro Bag” has a few different features and runs a different price than the “Pump In Style Advance” It comes with all the same items as the “Pump in Style” plus the following:

• The pump is removable from the bag
• Comes with 24mm and 27mm Breastshields
• And the battery pack is a soft pouch – I have not seen this so I can’t explain what this means

So, that about does it for the “Pump in Style Advance”. We have found over the years that this is the most popular pump our clients and customers use. It is all about finding what one will best fit your needs. Check out the other pump reviews, and we are here to help if you have further questions.

Happy Pumping,

Rhonda Davis
Doula and Owner of Santé Mama


  1. Do you guys accept insurance for the breasted pumps?

    • YES Lacy we do ! Just call the office at 360-253-2229 Monday through Friday and they will help you with the process.

  2. Yolanda Garcia

    I heard on your automatic message that you have moved from the place I got the pump last to Portland; I got a pump through my insurance about 2 years ago but I don’t recall what I needed to get to obtain the Medela pump. I still have the same insurance so I am assuming that it will be covered. Could you please let me know what I will need to get this pump from you again? Is there another Sante Mama closer to me? I live in Chehalis, WA
    .thank you!

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  4. Jessica

    I personally love my Karmin :)

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