Postpartum Support Belt

It is such a special time for you and your new family after your baby is born, and the changes your body goes through to create new life now begins to change back to a new normal.  Many women at this point reach out for help to recover from the labor and birth. A postpartum support belt can be helpful for women who have had a vaginal or cesarean birth.  Many companies nowadays offer postpartum support belts and even if colors and style might change, the common denominators remain the same. A postpartum support belt is designed to help women who have given birth to feel more comfortable during their recovering process. These belts are not the ones your grandmother used to wear, meaning the big and bulky ones that made you feel even more uncomfortable or that made your skin feel itchy and irritated. Nowadays, they are designed to be easy to wear, made of stretchy materials that will not cause you irritation, and that are also meant to be hidden underneath your clothes so you can easily wear them outside the house.


What are the Benefits of a Postpartum Support Belt? 

Postpartum support belts provide support to the belly, which are trying to adjust to the absence of a baby. For example, the uterus is shrinking back to its original pre-pregnancy size and other organs are finding their place back in your tummy now that the baby is born. Due to their compressive nature, postpartum support belts help support the core muscles so they can reconnect after the stress of pushing during labor.  Some women also find that wearing a postpartum belt helps ease back pain and cramps as it will help you assume a more correct position while standing up or sitting down. Moreover, for women who wish to go back to their pre-baby bodies as soon as possible, wearing a postpartum support belt may facilitate getting your body and shape back while you are in rehab and recovery.


Watch this video to learn more about proper fit of a support belt, as well as the benefits of wearing a belt before, during, and after pregnancy.


Who Should Wear a Postpartum Support Belt?


Postpartum support belts can be used by women who have had previous back pain or abdominal issues.   Women who have undergone a cesarean birth can greatly benefit from a postpartum support belt. In fact, they are designed to provide extra comfort and reassurance. As any woman who has had a C-section knows, little things like coughing, laughing and sneezing might feel weird and uncomfortable right after surgery. Hence, a postpartum support belt helps you feel at ease not only with walking and doing everyday chores, but also with these little things that might bring uncomfortable sensations to your belly. The overall comfort of wearing a support belt is in knowing that your belly is well-supported and kept firm as you get up the bed or couch and go on with your life while recovering from surgery.

 More Information

You may have heard the term belly binding; binding the belly after delivery is a normal practice in many cultures of the world and is becoming more known in the US. There are multiple benefits to belly binding, for more information see the Abdominal Splinting/Belly Binding Blog. Also, click on the link if you are looking for a Pregnancy Support Belt to help while still pregnant.

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Postpartum Support BeltScott Abdominal Four Panel Postpartum Support Belt

This support belt is soft and the panels allow for flexibility for anyone that is curvy or feels like they have a lot of tummy to bind. This is our most popular as it effectively splints the abdominals, but is comfortable enough to wear all of the time. The four panel binder is the most often recommended for immediately following the birth of a baby for the same reasons. The four panel binder is flexible but strong enough to protect and realign. One of the benefits to the four panel binder is it fits a large range of sizes, so as you shrink down after pregnancy, it will accommodate several sizes. The four panel binder is great for individuals with a long torso or who is taller.

Cost: $30.00
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3 Panel postpartum support beltScott Abdominal Three Panel Postpartum Support Belt

This binder is soft and the panels allow for flexibility for anyone that is curvy or feels like they have a lot of tummy to bind. This binder is our most popular as it effectively splints the abdominals but is comfortable enough to wear all of the time. The three panel binder is most often recommended for immediately after baby comes for the same reasons. The three panel binder is flexible but also strong enough to protect and realign.

Cost: $25.00

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Abdominal Lumbosacral SupportScott Lumbosacral Support w/ Single Tension Straps

This splint is very durable and considered a medical grade splint. It is a solid splint with a reinforced middle section that allows you to really approximate the abdominals. We recommend this splint for individuals with 5-6 finger deep diastasis or worse that can tolerate the firmness. This splint can be difficult to tolerate all day. For this reasons many individuals will also purchase the Abdominal Three or Four Panel Binder and switch between the two depending on their activity level. This is a very strong splint and will give a lot of support but can make it difficult to feel the muscles.

Cost: $20.00
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Scott Elastic 9" Support BeltScott Elastic Abdominal 9″ Binder

This binder is slightly rigid and does not offer as much movement for a curvy individual. The 9 inch binder is firm enough to stay in place without bunching but flexible enough to be comfortable in most positions. This binder comes in several different sizes. The sizing of this binder allows for a more snug fit but may require you to purchase a smaller splint as your tummy shrinks. The 9 inch binder is a very popular binder for people with back problems.

Cost: $30.00
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By: Rhonda Davis
Doula and Owner of Santé Mama


  1. Hannah Barrington

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and was trying to order a four-panel support binder, but the site only seems to ship to the U.S. Is this the case? If so, is it possible to order merchandise from your store and pay for shipping from BC.?

    Thank you for your time,
    Hannah Barrington

    • Hello Hannah:
      Yes we can ship to Canada, we just need to process the order differently. E-mail or call us and we will personally take your order, figure the shipping and get your product on its way to you.

      Call: 360-253-BABY (2229) or e-mail to:

  2. Hi Santemama,

    Do you ship to Singapore? I’m suffering from Diatasis Recti from my first pregnancy, a 9cm split. I’m currently 3 weeks pregnant and i know i will face high risk of developing hernia. Which support belt would you recommend me to buy? I am UK size 24.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Regards, Wynn


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