Meet Anne Walsleben, MS, NCC
Nurturing Connections Counseling

I hold a Masters degree in counseling with specialization in couples and family issues. I offer counseling for individuals, couples, and families. I have a special interest in working with individuals and couples who may be dealing with pregnancy/postpartum depression, anxiety, and/or the relationship challenges that often accompany the transition into parenthood.

In addition to this work, I treat clients who are suffering from a variety of other mental health problems including: anxiety; depression; grief and loss; troubled relationships; low self-esteem; phobias; abuse/trauma; major lifecycle transitions; and family of origin issues. I take a collaborative approach to counseling and believe that my clients possess the inner wisdom to find their unique path to happiness. My warm and authentic style facilitates a genuine connection with my clients – aiding in healing, discovery of new solutions, and achievement of counseling goals. I am honored and privileged to help my clients in their journey toward wellness.

I believe every person’s situation is unique and therefore tailor my treatment for each client. I use a variety of counseling approaches with emphasis on Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioral, Emotionally Focused, and Systems theories.


Perinatal (Before, During, and After Childbirth) Counseling

My personal and professional experience with perinatal mood disorders allows me to approach counseling with deep understanding and empathy. I appreciate that while having a baby can be one of the most joyful experiences of a person’s life, it can also be one of the most challenging. With the profound responsibility and sleep deprivation that a new baby brings, the vast majority of new parents experience a great deal of stress during the perinatal period and eighty percent of new mothers experience baby blues. Although baby blues is usually brief and may not require treatment, more than 15% of women experience postpartum depression and/or anxiety and need help to overcome it. If you or your partner has postpartum depression and/or anxiety, you may experience a wide array of symptoms that can include sleep/eating disruption, prolonged sadness, extreme irritability/bursts of anger, frightening feelings/thoughts, anxiety/panic, and lack of feelings or overconcern for your baby. Because these emotions are unexpected and generally misunderstood by others, they can leave you feeling isolated, alone, and ashamed. Being a survivor of postpartum depression/anxiety myself, I know that with help, moms and partners can overcome the difficulties of new parenthood and experience the joy that they dreamed a child would bring. Perinatal mood disorders are temporary and treatable and I can help you heal and recover.



Individual rate: $60

Couple rate: $75

I believe everyone should have access to therapy and offer a sliding fee scale to clients experiencing financial hardship.


Anne Walsleben, MS, NCC
Nurturing Connections Counseling
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